Rangel Dental Biomimetic Dentistry Services

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Tooth damage and decay can adversely impact your oral health, overall well-being, and appearance, but Rangel Dental’s biomimetic dentistry services help preserve and reconstruct your natural teeth, restoring your mouth’s original function and aesthetics. Utilizing advanced materials and modern techniques to strengthen the underlying dental structure and seal out bacteria, we seek to minimize tooth loss while ensuring proper dental function.

The Biomimetic Process

In simple terms, biomimetic dentistry aims to mimic the natural design of your teeth. While traditional dentistry often uses aggressive techniques such as tooth amputation to treat decayed or damaged teeth, sometimes destroying healthy tissue in the process, our biomimetic approach offers a more conservative treatment option. After performing a comprehensive examination to evaluate the mouth, including teeth, gum tissue, and supporting bone structure, we can determine a treatment plan that's right for you.

By isolating and conserving what's healthy, we can remove only the damaged or decayed section of the tooth, conserving more dental pulp and preserving as much structural integrity as possible. Our team then builds upon the remaining natural structure, layering in durable, stress-reduced direct composites or porcelain/composite onlays and inlays. Advanced adhesives ensure a hard tissue bond between synthetic restorations and the original dentition to accommodate the daily stress caused by biting and chewing for long-term durability. The restored tooth is then sealed to prevent infection due to bacterial contamination.

Benefits And Advantages Of Biomimetic Dentistry

While traditional dental restorations generally emphasize strength and appearance, they don't always prioritize functionality. Biomimetic dentistry uses materials that mimic natural teeth to support effective chewing and bite alignment without sacrificing an attractive smile, and teeth are sealed to prevent infection, reducing the need for costly, painful root canals. Biomimetic treatments can potentially minimize the need for crowns and bridges, endodontic procedures, and extractions.

Patients with fragile, decayed or broken teeth may benefit from these conservative restorative techniques, which are often minimally invasive, easier to tolerate, and more cost-efficient than traditional procedures. Our biomimetic dentistry services may even be able to restore teeth that might be considered unsalvageable by traditional dentistry.

While biomimetic procedures may take longer to complete, they generally result in fewer complications than more aggressive traditional techniques, allowing patients to break the unwanted cycle of increasingly progressive dental treatments.

Quality Of Service

Rangel Dental's biomimetic dentistry services use high-quality materials that mimic dentin, enamel, and DEJ to provide a result that replicates your teeth's original structure, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Our long-lasting restorations minimize cracking and breakage, requiring fewer re-treatments. The high bond strength created using advanced adhesives ensures fully functional biomechanics, so you can enjoy the foods you want without worrying about damaging your dental work.

Since our dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry, we believe in the importance of aesthetics and the confidence an attractive smile can create. Our composite fillings can be matched to tooth color so you can be sure your smile will look great.

Contact Us For An Evaluation

Whether you're struggling with the effects of damaged and decayed teeth or just want to maintain good oral health, Rangel Dental can show you the path forward. Effective treatment starts with a proper diagnosis, so if you're ready to explore the restorative benefits of biomimetic dentistry, contact us to schedule a comprehensive oral examination in our relaxing, modern office. Our experienced dentists will work with you to design an appropriate treatment plan to restore your oral health and enhance your smile.